Ong bak 2 full movie part 1 In

Ong bak 2 full movie part 1

In the case of newspapers with ownership connections to local TV stations, they are following orders. Their corporate parents have a vested interest in creating the perception that the switch is a success, so by God, their newspapers will toe the line or else. Don t kid yourselves, folks. Newsrooms do not make decisions based solely on journalistic reasons. And in the case of the trade publications, they have an historic closeness to the National Association of Broadcasters and other industry heavyweights who want the DTV switch to be portrayed as a success. In fact, their readership is largely made up of industry officials, not average consumers who are still struggling to figure out the complexities of the DTV switch. Consequently, their stories have been largely pro-Digital TV. In my view, the reality is that the early Digital TV switch was a mixed bag. In some cities, viewers handled it well, but in others, it s a mess and continues to be. And when all local TV stations switch on June 12, it will likely be a similar scenario. In cities where an overwhelming majority of viewers have prepared for the switch, it will go, yes, without a hitch. But in many markets, the switch will leave thousands without any TV signals and thousands more with spotty reception. But depending upon which publication you read, you may not get that story. Thursday, February 19, 2009, 05:07 AM The cable operator reports huge sub losses and there s a good reason. Washington, February 19, 2009 Guess which TV provider offers more High-Definition channels. DIRECTV, which added 301, 000 net new subscribers in last year s fourth quarter and increased its total subscriber count by 800, 000 for the year. Comcast, which reported yesterday that it lost 500, 000 subscribers in 2008, almost half in the fourth quarter. No, it s not a trick question. The answer is DIRECTV, which offers more than 100 HD channels in every market while Comcast averages around 40 HD channels per market. Now you can offer a number of reasons why DIRECTV had a better year than Comcast. But the satcaster s decision to heavily invest in new satellites so it could expand its high-def offering has clearly paid off. Consumers looking for a diverse and comprehensive HD lineup are coming to DIRECTV. In contrast, Comcast s decision to focus on non-HD features, such as voice and high-speed Internet access, may have helped it compete with new telco services such as Verizon s FiOS and AT T s u-Verse. But the cable operator has alienated its core audience TV viewers, particularly the high-def audience which craves more HD channels and will accept nothing less. Comcast has tried to ong bak 2 full movie part 1 over its HD gap by promoting ong bak 2 full movie part 1 HD On Demand service, which offers PPV movies and repeats of TV programs in high-def, many of them free. The company has even bragged in TV commercials that it has more HD choices than any other TV provider. But the numbers don t lie. Consumers are obviously not buying Comcast s propaganda. They want more channels, not more choices, and they are going to services such as DIRECTV and Verizon which offer them. Verizon now offers more than 100 high-def channels in the 16 markets it serves. Comcast says it s now taking steps to expand its high-def lineup, such as shifting analog channels to digital which creates more bandwidth for HD. But if the company wants to avoid another year like 2008, it better move fast Wednesday, February 18, 2009, 05:07 AM The TV series will be released this spring. Washington, February 18, 2009 The only TV season of the sci-fi cult series Star Trek will be released for the first time on Blu-ray high-def disc on April 28, according to Reuters. The release from Paramount Studios is designed to coincide with the theatrical premiere of the new Star Trek movie on May Four days after the new movie opens, Paramount will also release two Blu-ray boxed sets of films based on the Star Trek series the Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection and the Star Trek Motion Picture Trilogy. The Blu-ray edition of the Star Trek series, which will be remastered for high-def video and sound, could help trigger sales of Blu-ray players and discs, particularly among young sci-fi enthusiasts who own PlayStation 3 video game consoles. Reuters reports that the disc will include all 29 episodes from the 1966-1967 season and it will permit viewers to ong bak 2 full movie part 1 between the original broadcast version and the enhanced Blu-ray edition which will include enhanced visual effects. The wire service also writes that the Blu-ray disc will include several extras including the original previews for each episode. Tuesday, February 17, 2009, 04:46 AM The stations are switching prior to the mandatory date. Washington, February 17, 2009 The FCC said yesterday that 421 local TV stations today will switch to all-digital signals although the federal government has postponed the mandatory transition date to June That s according to an article by Broadcasting Cable Magazine. President Obama last week signed into law a bill that moves the mandatory Digital TV switch date from today to June But the FCC permitted some local TV stations to switch early. B C reports that roughly 36 percent of local stations will have gone all-digital today; approximately 220 stations had already made the switch to digital signals. Some analysts have opined that the early switch will confuse consumers who were just told that the transition date had been moved to June. Nielsen estimates that approximately 6-7 million homes have not prepared for the transition by purchasing a digital converter box, a Digital TV or signing up for a pay TV service.

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